Weather Stations

Automatic Weather Stations measure and record weather data from their location. The weather data is stored in the data logger, to be downloaded and reported. They are commonly known as either AWS or Weather Stations.

Rugged, Reliable Equipment and Accurate Data

Environdata’s Weather Stations are designed to survive in Australia’s harsh climate extremes. They are built from corrosion resistant materials and undergo strict design testing. Your system will operate with minimal maintenance for long periods. Our sensors measure to WMO and Australian standards.

Our Weather Recorders are highly refined, specialised data loggers designed specifically for weather data recording and form the heart of our weather stations. Their robust design and construction keeps your weather data accurate and secure.

Environdata weather stations are located throughout Australia: the Simpson Desert; several kilometres off the Tasmanian coast; Uluru; tropical Cape Tribulation and remote Gove in the Northern Territory, are just a few of the more extreme examples.

Australian Owned, Designed and Made

The weather stations and sensors are all designed and manufactured in Australia. We provide you with Australian based support. Environdata is 100% Australian owned.

Weather Station Elements

Each Environdata Weather Station consists of four key components:

  1. Weather sensors that measure environmental parameters and transmit raw data.
  2. A Data Logger that collects and analyses the raw weather data and performs any required calculations before storing it in the non-volatile memories with a unique date and time stamp.
  3. A communications or telemetry method eg. radio link, direct cable, satellite; to transmit your data from the data logger to your chosen computer, PLC or control system.  
  4. Weather station software  – Environdata’s EasiAccess PC software downloads data from your weather station and displays the data in a variety of standard or customised report formats.
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