Solar Radiation Sensor

Solar Radiation Weather Sensor

Environdata's SR50 Series solar radiation sensor is a general purpose global incoming solar radiation sensor with cosine correction. It has been designed for recording hours of sunshine as well as total incident solar energy.

Features at a Glance

  • Built to survive harsh environments
  • Concealed cabling protects against damage
  • Based on a specialised PV Cell to closely represent PV incoming radiation response.
  • Affordable alternative to thermopile pyranometers
  • Long operating life

Parameters measured

Incoming Solar Irradiance

Sunshine Hours


Industry Applications

Agriculture - Evapotranspiration and Sunshine Hours

Evaporation Studies

Weather Monitoring

Compatible with

Weather Maestro

WeatherMate 3000

Standalone to PLC

Features In Detail

Details & Advantages

The SR50 Series Solar Radiation Sensor is a robust and reliable Pyranometer, designed to record the incoming solar irradiance at an affordable cost. This is done by using a specifically engineered diffuser to achieve cosine correction of the incoming radiation.

The Solar radiation sensor’s cosine correction is achieved by shaping a Teflon diffuser and accurately housing this inside an opaque cylinder. A silicon photovoltaic cell is mounted inside the diffuser. This combination provides a standardised reading equivalent to radiation falling on a non-reflective flat surface.

For clear unobstructed daylight conditions, the SR50 series solar radiation sensor (Pyranometer) compares favourably with first class thermopile type pyranometers at a fraction of the cost.

The spectral response of the Environdata pyranometer is not as wide as a Thermopile - however it covers all visible light and into the Infrared and Ultra Violet spectrums. This captures 90% of the incoming solar radiation energy in natural daylight.  The calibration ensures the accuracy is suitable for use in most applications.

Each SR50 is calibrated to a traceable Secondary Standard Thermopile Pyranometer.

For applications where ultra high accuracy solar radiation, or separate components of incoming radiation are required, such as solar power plant performance monitoring, please refer to the wide range of third party pyranometers Environdata supplies.  We will have a solution to fit your needs!

SR50 Solar Radiation Sensor - Scientific Research Weather Station 2018 SR50 Solar Radiation Sensor - Scientific Research Weather Station 2018