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  • Weather Station

    Weather Stations

    Automatic Weather Stations measure and record weather data from their location. They are commonly known as either…

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  • WeatherMation LIVE weather service dashboard

    Weather Station Software

    Environdata’s WeatherMation LIVE service automates your weather data collection and display ...

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  • Weather sensors rain gauge

    Weather Sensors

    Weather sensors convert specific weather conditions into a robust digital electronic signal...

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  • Industrial weather station

    Industry Applications

    Your industry will have specific weather monitoring requirements. These can be legislative...

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Environdata delivers Professional Weather Station Solutions

Your Weather Data, When & Where You Want It!

Timely & Convenient Access to Your Weather Information – WeatherMation LIVE!


  • We manage the collection, storage and distribution of your weather data for you
  • Your weather data, from all of your weather stations, updated to our web portal every minute
  • Secure user logins; access your weather station data from any browser
  • Automatic notifications of specified weather conditions by SMS and Email

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Your Weather Data, Where & When YOU Need It!