Dust Monitor

Dust Monitor

Environdata can supply a number of Dust Monitoring solutions.  The most common is based on the Thermo Fisher ADR1500 Dust Monitor, rebuilt by Environdata into a rugged housing suitable for Australia's Harsh Environment.

Most dust monitoring weather stations supplied are set to record TSP, which is Total Suspended Particulate matter.  A TSP dust monitor specifically measures the total amount of aerosol particles suspended in the atmosphere at any given time.

However with the addition of the correct cyclone, particle sizes can be filtered and you can record either PM1 to 4 or PM 4 to 10.  PM10 (diameter ≤ 10 μm), PM4 (diameter ≤ 4 μm) and PM1 (diameter ≤ 1 μm).  PM refers to the size of the particles and μm is a micrometre (one millionth of a metre).

Features at a Glance

  • Built to survive harsh environments
  • Field replaceable pump and filters
  • Durable weatherproof enclosure
  • Lockable aluminium housing for added physical protection
  • Long operating life

Parameters Measured

  • Averaged Dust Concentration

Industry Applications

  • Construction Sites
  • Mine Sites
  • Waste Disposal Sites
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Air Quality Applications

Compatible with

  • Weather Maestro

Features In Detail

Details & Advantages

Our dust monitoring stations are powered by a 20AH Lithium Battery, charged by a 50W Solar Panel.  Communications are provided by an industrial cellular modem, connected to our WeatherMation LIVE service. Your live and historical data is displayed and accessed through our WeatherMation LIVE Service via any web browser. 

In areas where fog is common, we recommend the addition of the optional heater module, to remove any water droplets from the air path.

All system critical electronics are fitted inside weatherproof housings which are fixed inside lockable housings and secured to the instrument mast.

If the site does not have a nearby full weather station, we recommend the addition of a Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, and Air temperature and Relative Humidity sensors for dew point monitoring, along with wind speed and direction sensors, to add direction of dust load into the data set.

Environdata can also design and supply mobile dust monitoring solutions, even for remote locations. All hardware is mounted to a light weight, heavy-duty aluminium tripod; the tripod can be secured to the ground using sandbags, or stainless steel guy wires and pegs, or a combination of both.

Weather Maestro with Dust Monitor installed at Waste Facility site