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Soil Temperature Sensor

Soil & Asphalt Strata Temperature Sensor

Environdata's Soil Temperature sensors are the ideal solution when you require highly accurate and reliable temperature measurements in your soil, asphalt or other in-ground application.

Install the sensor tip horizontally at your desired measurement depth and you will monitor temperature very accurately at your chosen depths.  Perfect for weather stations with soil or asphalt temperature strata profiling.

Features at a Glance

  • Built to survive harsh environments
  • Fully Potted IP68 Electronics
  • Long operating life
  • Welded 316 stainless steel sensing tip
  • Microprocessor accuracy
  • Accuracy of better than ±0.1°C between -20°C & +60°C
  • Frequency output
  • Robust signal (250m cable distance with no loss)
  • Sensor is fully interchangeable with no software adjustment
  • Semi-conductor sensing element
  • Australian Made
  • Long operating life with virtually no drift
  • Ideal to install in a hard to remove situation - such as Asphalt monitoring.


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Parameters measured

Soil Temperature

Asphalt Temperature

Industry Applications

  • Meteorology
  • Scientific Research
  • Agriculture
  • Asphalt Research
  • Geology

Compatible with

Weather Maestro

WeatherMaster 3000

WeatherMate 3000

Stand Alone to PLC

Features In Detail

Details & Advantages


The Soil Temperature Sensor is very accurate and sensitive enough to measure finite changes in your soil temperature reliably.  Many multi-sensor soil probes have a temperature accuracy of +/- 1.0 °C. 

In scientific research and critical applications such as temperature strata monitoring in asphalt a higher accuracy and a specific location of the temperature data is required.

Hence Environdata's Soil / Asphalt Temperature Sensors have an accuracy of +/- 0.1 °C across the monitoring range.


Fully Potted Electronics & a Marine Grade Stainless Steel tip mean these sensors will last in most soil conditions, including highly saline, acid sulfate soils, and asphalt for up to ten or more years.

The design of the sensing elements and the high stability high quality components used to build the sensor provide excellent long term stability and minimal drift over time.  These sensors are ideal for long term deployment.


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