Relative Humidity Sensor

Relative Humidity Sensor with Sensor Screen Relative Humidity Sensor with Sensor Screen & Temperature Sensor

Environdata's RH70 Series relative humidity sensor features a field interchangeable tip that requires no field re-calibration. State-of-the-art semiconductor technology is employed, together with a thin film polymer that changes di-electric constant with atmospheric relative humidity.

Features at a Glance

  • Built to survive harsh environments
  • Field replaceable sensing tip
  • Concealed cabling protects against damage
  • Meets Australian Standards AS3580.14
  • Reliable and accurate relative humidity measurements
  • Long operating life
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Parameters measured

  • Relative Humidity
  • Wet Bulb Temperature*
  • Dew Point*
  • Absolute Humidity*
  • Heat Stress**

* with Air Temperature / **with other sensors as required

Industry Applications

  • Australian Standards and licenses
  • Dew point for RMS R272
  • Heat stress for cattle - HLI & AHLU
  • Heat stress in humans - WBGT TWL
  • Crop monitoring

Compatible with

Weather Maestro

WeatherMate 3000

Standalone to PLC

Features In Detail

Details & Advantages


The RH70 Relative Humidity Sensor is accurate and sensitive to changes in the moisture content of the air. Response time is less than 1 minute, providing excellent measurement of the humidity at your site.


The sensor signal is a robust frequency (pulses) generated by the internal processor. The processor electronics are housed in an impact resistant IP66 Housing. The electronics themselves are solid state and not subject to drift. Replacing the Relative Humidity tip restores the sensor to factory calibration.



The RH70 Relative Humidity Sensor meets EPA requirements in all states and territories of Australia (including AM-1, AM-2, AM-4 in NSW).


These sensors will allow you to meet the Australian Standards AS3580.14 when sited in accordance with the same standard. Environdata can provide your system with mounting infrastructure to mount the sensor at 2m above ground level in a suitable sensor screen. Alternatively, we can mount the sensor at 1.25m above ground level to satisfy the BoM installation guidelines.

Relative Humidity Sensor in Sensor Shelter attached to Full 10-metre Mast Weather Station Relative Humidity Sensor in Sensor Shelter attached to Full 10-metre Mast Weather Station