Weather Stations for Agriculture


Our primary production industries, including horticulture, viticulture, apples, cotton, macadamias and other crops share common issues that require reliable high quality weather data.

Because of the diverse requirements of agriculture, there is no one weather station setup that will meet every need. Consequently, Environdata can advise you on an agricultural weather station solution to fit your specific needs

Weather Maestro Weather Station with Rain Gauge in Field for Crop Research

Key Features for Agriculture

  • Robust, reliable & durable, to withstand the wide range of harsh conditions experienced across this country

  • Australian Made, designed and owned

  • Quality materials, no cheap plastic parts used

  • Industrial and commercial grade – Long service life means value for money

  • Designed to be easy to install and easy to use with Australian back up and advice

  • Pre-programmed, ready to turn on and work out of the box!

Weather Maestro Weather Station with 10m mast Freshly Installed for Agricultural Customer

Key Benefits for Agriculture

  • 10 years free post-purchase support via phone, email or skype

  • The agricultural weather stations are delivered in easy-to-assemble kit form, with detailed instructions.

  • Designed for the primary producer to self-install

  • Option of installation or on-site servicing by Environdata, saves you time

  • Add sensors that matter to your crop; canopy temperature, soil moisture, wind sensors for spray drift & more!

  • 1 year (or more) secure on-board data storage for 10-minute weather, hourly weather & daily weather summaries

  • Degree Days, Sunshine Hours, Dew Point & Evapotranspiration calculations

  • Automate your weather data collection and management with Environdata’s WeatherMation LIVE service

  • SMS or email alerts on rainfall, soil moisture, soil temperature & more!

  • Monitor Delta T and Wind speed and Direction for optimal spraying, Live!

Why Environdata is the best choice for your agricultural weather station

Roof-mounted WeatherMaster 3000 overlooking a large macadamia farm
Weather Maestro with remote telemetry located at a dairy farm

Specialised Industry-Specific Calculations

Reference Evapotranspiration (ETo) can be provided from our agricultural weather stations. Our weather stations use the full FAO56 version, which has been recognised by researchers and managers as the most accurate way to determine evapotranspiration in crops.

Add Degree days, Dew Point, Sunshine Hours or Delta T to your WeatherMation LIVE connected station.  If you need a new calculation we haven't previously programmed, just let us know! 

Weathermation Live Service

Environdata's WeatherMation Live Service automates and manages your weather data collection, storage and distribution for you. Access your data from anywhere via any device with an internet connection. WeatherMation Live brings your agricultural weather station's data to you live and secure into the palm of your hand.  You own it, we just get it to you when you need it most!

Australian Made & Australian Owned

Environdata is an Australian Owned company, operating since 1982.  Our products are certified as Australian Made - and we are deeply committed to this philosophy.

We design, build and support our weather stations all from our Warwick head office, and from the service teams travelling across the country.

We are not the cheapest, we choose quality.  We are the solution that will keep working and that will be supported for years to come.  Support Australian!

Service and Support

As with all our weather station solutions, we provide a high level of customer support by email, telephone, skype or using direct access where there is an internet connection available, making it easy for you to maintain your weather station. We also have service staff dedicated to providing onsite support and regular maintenance of your weather station, should you choose to use that service.

Typical Weather Stations

Weather Maestro Agriculture Weather Station


Weather Maestro

The Weather Maestro weather station includes a bigger data logger for more sensors and the ability to incorporate cellular, UHF or satellite telemetry.

Most suited when expansion is important and remote communications are required.

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WeatherMaster 3000 Agriculture weather station


WeatherMaster 3000

The WeatherMaster 3000 weather station provides a simple and compact method of agricultural weather monitoring, including wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, relative humidity, solar radiation and air temperature sensors.  Other sensors can be added.

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Gallery of Recent Projects

Environdata are Australia’s weather station specialists since 1982, so please contact us for advice on your weather monitoring requirements, positioning on your site, and general advice on all things weather station related.

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