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Weather Stations for Scientific Research


Environdata has been supplying, installing and maintaining weather stations for scientific research for over thirty years. Our extensive experience includes designing and supplying weather stations for crop research trials, feedlot heat stress trials, dairy & pasture trials, natural sequence farming, University research, wind power studies, spray drift research, asphalt research trials, solar power studies, materials testing, corrosion monitoring and hydrology.

Environdata’s expert team can advise you on the most appropriate weather station setup for your research parameters, location and data delivery requirements.

Weather Maestro Weather Station for Feedlot Research

Key Features for Scientific Research

  • Robust, reliable & durable, to withstand the wide range of harsh conditions experienced across this country

  • Australian Made, designed and owned

  • Quality materials, no cheap plastic parts used

  • Industrial and commercial grade – Long service life means value for money

  • Pre-programmed to suit your requirements

  • Designed with the scientific researcher in mind. Accurate data you can rely on. Technical staff to support your research goals.

Weather Maestro weather station with Global Irradiance Pyranometer and Rain Gauge - Pasture Research

Key Benefits for Scientific Research

  • 10 years free post-purchase support via phone, email or skype

  • The scientific research weather stations are delivered in easy-to-assemble kit form, with detailed instructions for self-installation.

  • Option of installation by Environdata, saves you time & ensures everything is working 100% correctly.

  • Research weather stations can be supplied as fixed or portable solutions

  • Customise the sample periods and logging intervals to suit your needs. Records continuously, then summarises data.

  • 1 year (or more) secure on-board data storage for 10-minute weather, hourly weather & daily weather summaries

  • Accurate sensors with minimal drift - ensures they stay in calibration for the length of your trial and beyond.

  • Download data direct from the weather station or:

  • Automate your weather station's data collection and management with Environdata’s WeatherMation LIVE service

Why are Environdata weather stations the best choice for research scientists?

Weather Maestro Weather Station for Dairy Pasture Research Weather Maestro Weather Station for Dairy Pasture Research, Tasmania.
Weather Maestro Weather station for Asphalt Research Weather Maestro Weather Station for Asphalt Research, Western Australia.

Supplied Configured and Ready to Go

Our weather stations for scientific research applications are factory calibrated and pre-programmed to suit your requirements so you can install, switch on and have a fully operational weather station the same day. Environdata's weather stations arrive as a modular kit, are easy to install, maintain and are Australian made.

High Levels of Accuracy and Reliability

Environdata uses its own proprietary pulse technology between its sensors and the recorder. This pulse signal is highly electrically-noise resistant and provides high accuracy and reliability. It maintains these characteristics over long cable lengths – 100 metres or more – allowing sensors to be physically diverse and still connected to the one recorder.

Easy to Maintain

Our standard sensors are pre-calibrated so that replacement sensors are fully inter-changeable without the need to alter scaling or calibration values in the recorder. This simplifies maintenance and inventory requirements.

All cabling connections are made with weatherproof Connectors that lock in place - removing the need for wiring on site and unreliable cable glands. Easy for the researcher to connect and configure. 

Well Supported

For all customers, we provide a high level of Australian based support by telephone, email and internet based connection. We also offer installation and onsite servicing.

Communication Options

Environdata also supplies a range of communication options that are fully integrated into our sealed weather station housings. Multiple communication options can also be accommodated. Solutions include TCP/IP connections, Cellular data connections, Satellite connections and UHF connections.   Contact us for suitable site specific recommendations.

Energy Efficient

Our weather stations are designed to be power efficient, whether your stations are solar powered, mains powered or externally powered. Our stations are ideal for remote site operation as often required by scientific researchers.

Secure Data

The weather station data loggers include a large permanent memory that is segregated into a number of independent memory sections. The memories can hold daily summaries for up to five years, with more intensive hourly and typically ten minute data for up to one year. The memory operation is automatic, and once a memory is full, that memory deletes its oldest data so that new data can be recorded. Sometimes referred to as a 'rolling drum' memory.

Memories are pre-programmed for you, and customisable to fit your needs.

Alarm Capabilities

Depending on the requirements of your research, our stations can also include alarm capabilities, via SMS or Email, or triggering a local siren or other device.

Accurate and Reliable

Environdata's weather stations provide an outstanding accuracy and reliability that will provide you with exactly what you need for your scientific research program.

Typical Weather Stations

Weather Maestro Data Logger with Sensor Shelter


Weather Maestro

The Weather Maestro provides a fully expandable and customisable solution no matter what the requirements of your scientific research.

Add up to 20 standard Environdata or third party sensors, plus additional Smart sensors such as soil moisture profilers, ceilometers or precision Triple Cell Barometers

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WeatherMaster 3000 Weather Station at a crop trial NSW


WeatherMaster 3000

The WeatherMaster 3000 weather station provides a simple and compact method of Scientific or Agriculture weather research monitoring, including wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, relative humidity, solar radiation and air temperature sensors. 

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Gallery of Recent Projects

Environdata are Australia’s weather station specialists since 1982, so please contact us for advice on your weather monitoring requirements, positioning on your site, and general advice on all things weather station related.

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