Standard Instrument Masts and Shelters

Environdata Sensor Screen with Relative Humidity and Air Temperature Sensors

Whether you are installing a suite of sensors or a whole weather station, Environdata offers a wide range of robust, integrated mounting options.  This page covers all of the standard 2m height Weather Maestro or Weather Mate weather station mounting components.  Please see our IS37 10m Mast section for information on 10m wind masts to meet Australian Standards and meet wind monitoring requirements.

Sensor Shelter Features at a Glance

  • Equivalent to standard Stevenson Screen
  • Mounting arm facilitates air flow
  • Protects air temperature & relative humidity sensors
  • Special louvred design prevents entry of direct & reflected radiation & precipitation

Sensor Arms & Posts Features at a Glance

  • Aluminium or Stainless Steel
  • Include all fittings, brackets, sensor mounts and cable entry points
  • Seamless designs fit together quickly and easily

Industry Applications

  • Meteorology
  • Micro Environment Monitoring
  • Site management
  • Feedlot Management
  • Scientific Research
  • Crop Trials
  • Ecology

Compatible with

  • Weather Maestro
  • IS37 10m Mast
  • WeatherMate 3000

Features In Detail

Details & Advantages


Environdata's sensor shelter - often referred to as a Stevenson Screen - is designed to be base mounted on a horizontal mounting arm.  The shelter protects temperature and humidity sensors from direct sunlight (radiation) and from rain. This allows the sensors to measure true ambient air temperature and relative humidity.

A double roof containing a thermal insulation layer on the top minimises direct heating from sunlight.  The “double louvred” design allows free horizontal airflow without permitting entry of sunlight from any angle, including light reflected off the ground.

The Sensor Shelter is also available with

  • An adjustable base for mounting over posts or rails with a diameter from 40mm to 75mm. 
  • A stand alone post to mount the shelter independently.
  • All rings made from powder coated aluminium, or
  • With the centre 'open' rings made from UV stable Polycarbonate.
  • Custom heights to suit third party humidity and temperature sensors.


Environdata's Instrument Stands and Sensor Mounts are robust and corrosion resistant, made from 65 x 65 x 3mm SHS aluminium, powder coated, and designed with integral sensor and system mountings.

The instrument stand is designed to mount the Data Logger & Modem enclosure, solar panel, side arm for the Sensor Shelter and cross arm for the Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Solar Radiation and Black Globe sensors.

The tipping bucket rain gauge post includes a Stainless Steel levelling plate for optimal alignment of the rain gauge - and is available in versions to place the Rim of the TBRG at various heights above ground.  Typically 350mm / 500mm or 1000mm.

The LH35 lockable housing is designed to provide additional physical protection to Environdata’s IP66 data logger enclosures and to mount easily and directly onto the Instrument Stand.

Environdata's instrument stand, side arm, cross arm, rain gauge mounting post, lockable housing & sensor shelter provide a simple, robust and integrated weather station mounting package.

The most common upgrade to the above solution is when a 10m Wind monitoring mast is required to meet Australian Standards or licencing conditions.  The simple solution is to add our IS37 10m Mast - designed to be a seamless addition to the standard mounting system. 

Environdata can supply 3m, 5m, 7m, 10m, 15m, 17m, 20m and custom mounting masts to suit your requirements.

Sensor Shelter installed onto a Weather Station Side-arm