Weather Stations for Industry


Most industries have increasing regulatory requirements and heightened public pressure to monitor their sites for airborne and ground-based pollutants.

As a result, weather stations are a common sight at many industrial & construction sites.

Our Industrial Weather Stations are designed and manufactured in Australia to suit harsh climates and the technical and environmental requirements of the Industrial sector. Because of the diverse requirements of industry, there is no one weather station setup that will meet every need. Consequently, Environdata can advise you on a solution tailored to fit your requirements including the best ways to connect you to your weather station data.

Weather Maestro weather station installed at gas turbine power station

Key Features for Industry

  • Robust, reliable & durable, to withstand the wide range of harsh conditions experienced across this country

  • Australian Made, designed and owned

  • Quality materials, no cheap plastic parts used

  • Industrial grade – Long service life means value for money

  • Pre-programmed to suit your requirements

  • Australian support, advice and on-site servicing to keep your system running

Weather Maestro weather station being serviced at coal-fired power station

Key Benefits for Industry

  • 10 years free post-purchase support via phone, email or skype

  • The industrial weather stations are delivered in easy-to-assemble kit form, with detailed instructions.

  • Option of installation or on-site servicing by Environdata, saves you time

  • Our weather stations can be used as either a fixed site or mobile station

  • Current readings, 10 minute, hourly and daily weather data are standard. Customise to suit your needs

  • 1 year (or more) secure on-board data storage for 10-minute weather, hourly weather & daily weather summaries

  • Accurate sensors with minimal drift. Recalibration every 5 to 10 years or as guided by applicable standards, recommended

  • Options for downloading direct from the weather station, telemetry to your office, or:

  • Automate your weather data collection and management with Environdata’s WeatherMation LIVE service

Why do many industries require a good, automatic weather station?

Weather Maestro Weather Station - Power Generation Facility
Wind Speed Monitoring and Alarm System - Container Facility
Environdata Solar Radiation Sensors Mounted to Weather Station Cross Arm

Site Management

Many of our customers find that while the original need for the onsite weather station was to comply with an Environmental license, they soon realise, once they have the weather data available, they can use the data to manage their site more effectively.

  • This can be on a day-to-day basis for:
    • Monitoring for Heat Stress amongst employees and contractors
    • Forecasting work zones based on rainfall
    • Adjusting work processes based on ambient conditions, such as wind speed and temperature
  • Or over a longer term basis for:
    • Analysing rain delays each month: Did the rainfall total occur during working hours or did an overnight downpour simply make access and working conditions unsuitable?
    • Planning the development of new plant based on prevailing wind conditions: Where will any dust from the new mill drift?

Process Control

Many industries today face continued pressure to become more efficient, both financially and environmentally, this requires process optimisation. An on-site weather station can assist in this process.

  • Weather data can be connected directly into a SCADA or process control system that allows the control system to automatically make decisions that provide efficiencies across many different areas of the business.

Complete Weather Station Solutions

Environdata typically provides a complete system including sensors, weather recorder, cables, masts and mounting equipment. We also offer installation and training and can help identify the best site.

  • Our weather stations have proven to be accurate, reliable, and rugged systems with an operational lifespan in excess of 10 years and are a genuine asset to industrial clients all over Australia.

NSW RMS QA Specification R272

Environdata Weather Stations is a long standing panel member on the NSW RMS R272 Weather Station Panel.

  • Only members of this panel are authorised to supply, install, service, operate, maintain and decommission the Weather Stations required on many road construction projects throughout New South Wales.
    • Environdata, as at January 2021, has supplied 65 sites throughout NSW to the R272 Specification, with ongoing contracts for maintenance still covering 41 of those sites.
  • We have the experience and capability to meet your tight timeframes, provide excellent backup, with the best support available in the industry.
  • We are the only manufacturer on the R272 Panel and as such, we can provide a cost-effective solution that minimises your headache, and will stand behind the weather station for the life of the project!


Environdata’s WeatherMation LIVE Service or WeatherMation Self Hosted software provides you with a simple and powerful reporting tool to greatly increase the efficiency of your reporting process.

  • With easily customised and saved reports, you can quickly run reports such as:
    • A wind Rose for the last month, or from the 1st January to the 30th of June
    • The rainfall summary on an hourly basis for the last 7 days
    • The thermal work limit 10 minute summary, for the last 12 hours
    • Total accumulated rain for the last 12 hours for each of my 18 rain gauge sites

Since the reports are easy to create and customise, you can have reports for any specific or general requirements.

Once you have run the report, you can easily export the graph or data table into your own application, such as Word or Excel.

Simple Communications

Environdata's weather stations are flexible and easy to connect to.

  • You can interface to the weather station directly using a serial cable or via a MODBUS connection.
  • If choosing to interface directly to our weather station data logger, we will happily provide you with our protocol. Our commands and stored data are transmitted in a readable text format. We gladly provide free technical support to help achieve your interface.
  • If you choose to use MODBUS, you can use either MODBUS RS232/RS485 (serial), or MODBUS TCP (Ethernet), to provide you a simple industry standard communication connection.

Weather Sensors Only

Some customers choose to add weather sensors directly to their PLC or RTU without using our data logger, so we have designed solutions to meet this demand.

  • Our weather sensors are robust, reliable and designed to work in harsh environments, including substations, chemical processing plants and refineries.
  • Our sensors use pulse signal technology to enable long cable runs with no interference, even in electrically noisy environments. This simplifies placement and installation.
  • We typically supply a complete solution including weatherproof connectors, sensor extension cables, mounting masts and sensor shelters, so that you receive a complete and robust solution for your site.
  • Where our sensors do not match your PLC/RTU inputs, we can supply industry standard 4-20mA converters and rain gauge pulse converters
  • We can also duplicate the sensor signal to drive multiple alerts, or LED display, depending on your weather monitoring needs.

Typical Weather Stations

Weather Maestro Weather station at Oil Refinery


Weather Maestro

The Weather Maestro provides a fully expandable and customisable solution no matter what the requirements.

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WeatherMaster 3000 at Construction Site


WeatherMaster 3000

The WeatherMaster 3000 weather station provides a simple and compact method of industrial weather monitoring, including wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, relative humidity, solar radiation and air temperature sensors. 

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Some Typical Sensors

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge


Our RG50 Series tipping bucket rain gauge is built to Bureau of Meteorology standards and is sturdily constructed from stainless steel with a powder coated, cast aluminium base and copper receiver funnel. The tipping mechanism is gold plated brass and the design is rugged and reliable.

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Continuous Dust Monitor - System internals


If your site needs to monitor dust, then adding a continuous flow dust monitor to your site weather station could be a good solution.

Talk to our team for more information on if this is the right solution for you.


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Air Temperature and relative humidity sensors outside the Sensor Shelter


The ambient air temperature and relative humidity is vital to understand when managing power plants of all types, and calculating correct drying times for concrete on construction projects.

These sensors are accurate, reliable and robust.  The sensor shelter provides excellent airflow and shelter from direct and reflected radiation and rain.

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Gallery of Recent Projects

Environdata are Australia’s weather station specialists since 1982, so please contact us for advice on your weather monitoring requirements, positioning on your site, and general advice on all things weather station related.

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