Environdata's Weather Sensor Range

Let Environdata build a Weather Station to your exact requirements from our comprehensive range of premium digital weather sensors

Wind Sensors

Wind Speed Sensor - 3 cup Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor
Wind Direction Sensor Wind Direction Sensor
Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Direction Sensors Ultrasonic Wind Sensor
Wind Warning Alarm System with Dual Beacons and Sirens Wind Warning Alarm System

Water and Rainfall Sensors

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge with Copper Funnel Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
Laser Precipitation Monitor Laser Precipitation Monitor
Bubbler Water Level Sensor - Flood Warning Flood Warning Sensor
Class A Evaporation Pan with Bird Protection Evaporation Pan

Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure Sensors

Air Temperature Sensor Air Temperature Sensor
Soil Temperature Sensors Soil Temperature Sensors
Relative Humidity Sensor Relative Humidity Sensor
Barometric Pressure Sensor Barometric Pressure Sensor
Vaisala Relative Humidity Sensor Vaisala Relative Humidity Sensor
Grass Temperature Sensor Grass Temperature Sensor
Black Globe Temperature Sensor Black Globe Temperature Sensor

Solar and Heat Radiation Sensors

Solar Radiation Sensor Solar Radiation Sensor
Global Horizontal Irradiance Pyranometer Pyranometers

Other Specialist Sensors

Dust Monitor Dust Monitor
Leaf Wetness Sensor Leaf Wetness Sensor
Ceilometer Ceilometer
Field Mill Lightning Sensor Lightning Sensor
Visibility Sensor Visibility Sensor

Weather Sensor Mounting

Weather Maestro Weather Station with 10 Metre Tilt Mast 10 Metre Instrument Mast
Weather Maestro with Standard Instrument Masts and Shelters Standard Instrument Masts and Shelters

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