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On-Site Weather Station Servicing & Calibration

We offer affordable servicing throughout Australia to provide calibration, repair, preventative maintenance and system upgrades.

Environdata offers on-site preventative maintenance, calibrations, repairs and upgrade services for all of your Environdata Weather Stations, Weather Sensors and Alert systems.

Our customers are in almost every part of Australia, and we combine services into regular trips to share the travel costs across multiple customers wherever possible.

Most systems are serviced annually, however many clients now request a Service every 6 Months. This can be due to equipment requirements (specialised sensors may require more frequent calibrations and consumables), due to contract requirements or to meet specific licence conditions or Australian Standards.  

If you require a site visit outside of regular scheduled visits, we are more than happy to provide a dedicate trip to your site. Our technicians are qualified with many of the required on-site certificates, cards and licences to work on mining, construction and other industry sites in Australia.

Environdata Technician Servicing & Calibrating Customer's Weather Station


Environdata Technician Servicing Customer's Weather Station with 10m Mast

Weather Station Maintenance Pays Off!

Preventative maintenance and system checks can minimise possible weather station down time.  Regular consumable replacement keeps your weather station running correctly, while regular calibrations confirm the validity of the weather data you have so carefully collected.

Why use Environdata?  We are the company that designed and built your weather station, our technicians are highly trained with full support from our Engineers while on site.  With good stocks of spare components, sensor standards for calibrations, and manufacturer based certifications, you save money and keep your system running longer with us!

On-site visits can also identify site specific issues that simply cannot be determined if you send the equipment back to us.


A few of the locations across Australia where Environdata's Technicians travel to provide on site Weather Station servicing and calibration.

Weather Station Services & Calibrations across Australia

Don’t throw out your old station! Environdata regularly performs on-site upgrades to older weather station equipment with our latest hardware, sensors and firmware. Customers often take advantage to upgrade to our WeatherMation LIVE Service so they can automate their data collection remotely. Chances are we can upgrade and save you money while giving you the weather monitoring solution you have always dreamed of!

With the cost savings of regular combined runs across the country, on-site services are also extremely cost effective.

Environdata believes that safety is of the highest importance. All Environdata technicians are trained and qualified for the work they are doing. Safety protocols include site inductions, our SWMS, satellite phones and remote working procedures where appropriate.

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