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Weather Stations are becoming increasingly integral to the  Environmental Monitoring at your site.  Both for your micro-environment monitoring and for your Australian Standard Meso-Scale area weather monitoring.  Using the right equipment as the cornerstone of your environmental monitoring program is vital.

Environmental monitoring weather stations can be part of meeting your compliance requirements, including Development Approvals and Licences to Operate.  Many sites use weather stations to monitor their environment to better manage their facility proactively.  The best solution is when you can achieve both outcomes, meeting your compliance needs while using your site specific weather data to manage your staff and site efficiently.

Wall-mounted Weather Maestro Weather Station used for monitoring environmental conditions

Key Features for Environmental Monitoring Weather Stations

  • Robust, reliable & durable, to withstand the wide range of harsh environments experienced across Australia

  • Australian Owned, made, designed and supported

  • Quality materials, no cheap plastic parts used

  • Industrial and commercial grade to provide a long service life

  • Weather stations can be supplied to satisfy all Australian Standards, State EPA requirements, and your site needs

  • Local connections or remote telemetry get your weather data where you need it, when you need it

Full 10 metre mast weather station for compliance monitoring of environmental conditions

Key Benefits for Environmental Monitoring Weather Stations

  • Quality materials and Australian design & manufacture means the system will have a long service life with minimal maintenance

  • The Environmental Monitoring Weather Stations are supplied with everything you need to self install. As we design and build it all ourselves, everything fits & everything works first time.

  • Weather Station Installation Service & on-site calibration and maintenance from the Environdata Service team saves you time & keeps your system running and meeting standards

  • Accurate sensors with minimal drift. Designed for field calibrations and maintenance to minimise your total cost of ownership over ten to twenty years.

  • Download direct from the weather station, Connect to your SCADA, or:

  • Automate your weather data collection and management with Environdata’s WeatherMation LIVE service

About Weather Stations for Environmental Monitoring

Roof-mounted WeatherMaster 3000 weather station for CBD environmental monitoring Roof-mounted WeatherMaster 3000 weather station for CBD environmental monitoring
Weather Maestro Weather Station with 10 Metre Mast for Environmental Monitoring to Australian Standards Weather Maestro Weather Station with 10 Metre Mast for Environmental Monitoring to Australian Standards

Microclimate monitoring

When you need to monitor the weather in your immediate environment including any effects from the surrounding environment, it is called Micro-Climate monitoring.  This can extend over the full range of weather parameters. The most commonly recorded parameters are rainfall, air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction and solar radiation (sunlight).

Applications for this at a microclimate level include:

  • Monitoring a rehabilitation area, ensuring the balance of homeostasis for stability in the ecology
  • Creating and defining patterns of an environment that is showing signs of climate – affected depletion.
  • Identifying trends for preventative measures
  • Monitoring your site's environment for human or animal heat stress
  • Provide localised data that relates to specific scenarios for research purposes

Mesoscale (Area) Weather Monitoring

Environmental monitoring also extends to wide area (called mesoscale) monitoring. To do this, care must be taken in siting the weather station so each instrument has the correct exposure ratios.  For example wind sensors must be mounted at ten metres above ground level, and in a position away from nearby obstructions to measure the area conditions, rather than the micro-climate of the site.

All of these applications used for an environmental research project, can just as easily focus towards industry for more specific compliance, production efficiency and health and safety reasons.

Agriculture, Construction, Industrial sites, Landfills and Mining can all benefit from a weather station that can:

  • Record site weather conditions in a way that allows future modelling and analysis.
  • Provide baseline weather data suitable for the required Environmental Impact Statement, or Development Application
  • Notify your designated users if there are threats such as inversion layers, steady winds or adibatic flow to concentrate odours, & strong winds or high rainfall for safety or sampling triggers.

Relevant weather station features

  • Environdata manufactures weather stations to meet Australian Standards and EPA requirements for your Environmental Monitoring needs.
  • They are robust and reliable suitable for all weather conditions and include features such as remote site monitoring, long term data storage, solar power and multiple communication options.
  • Our unique 10 metre tilt down mast can be installed without the need for cranes, excavators or elevated work platforms and is certified to meet cyclone and wind ratings up to 205 kph.
    • 10 metre masts rated to wind gusts of 316kph are available as a special order.
  • Environdata weather stations arrive as a modular kit, are easy to install, are Australian Made, Australian supported and are easy to maintain.
  • Above all, they are accurate, reliable and will excel at fulfilling your environmental monitoring needs.

Typical Weather Stations

Weather Maestro Weather Station


Weather Maestro

The Weather Maestro system includes a bigger data logger for attaching more sensors and the ability to incorporate 3G / 4G Cellular modems, UHF or satellite telemetry. With up to 20 sensor version, and the ability to connect any sensor combinations you like, The Weather Maestro is most suited when a 10metre mast is required for licencing, expansion is important or remote communications are required.

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WeatherMaster 3000 Weather station for Micro Environment monitoring


WeatherMaster 3000

The WeatherMaster 3000 weather station provides a simple and compact method of micro environment monitoring, with wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation and Rainfall sensors.  A full sized tipping bucket rain gauge & a powerful data logger are built in.  Remote communications can be added.  Ideal weather station for micro environment monitoring, crop studies & scientific research.  

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Some Typical Sensors

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Rainfall Sensor


A tipping bucket rain gauge for Environmental Monitoring needs to be reliable and robust. It needs to be made from materials that won’t corrode and won’t degrade in the sun. Our RG50 series tipping bucket rain gauge is made from marine grade stainless steel, copper and aluminium.  With a Hall Effect sensor for maximum field life. 

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Wind Speed Sensor - 3 Cup Anemometer


The ideal weather sensors for environmental monitoring are stable, robust and work reliably year after year. While you don’t need the highest level of accuracy, you do need them to survive in the weather and simply keep going. This is what Environdata’s sensors are designed to deliver. They are accurate as well, meeting Australian Standards when required.

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Environdata are Australia’s weather station specialists since 1982, so please contact us for advice on your weather monitoring requirements, positioning on your site, and general advice on all things weather station related.

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