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Flood Warning Sensor

Bubbler Flood Warning Weather Sensor Bubble Pot for Flood Warning Weather Station at Remote River Crossing

Flood warning systems are vital in areas where roads and highways are prone to flooding and inundation. There are a number of water depth sensors that can be used to monitor waterways. The sensor most often chosen is a Bubbler; with a typical range of 0m to 15m or 0m to 30m depth.

The design of the Bubbler system allows for the electronics to be well protected and not submersed, like traditional pressure transducers. This provides a very long, reliable operating life and much simpler maintenance in the field.

Features at a Glance

  • High accuracy
  • Drift free measurement
  • Compact design
  • Intelligent pump system
  • Low power consumption
  • Bubble tube can be easily replaced if damaged in a flood
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Parameters measured

  • Water Depth

Industry Applications

  • Flood Monitoring
  • Road / Tunnel Safety Monitoring
  • Creek / River Monitoring
  • Water Discharge
  • Water Runoff

Compatible with

  • Weather Maestro

Features In Detail

Details & Advantages

A pump produces pressure by blowing air into the water via a long flexible rubber tube connected to the bubble chamber which is located in the waterway. The pressure difference is measured in the main sensor unit located at a distance of up to 100m away (this allows for mounting the electronics above the flood line).

The Bubbler system does not require mounting the sensor directly above the waterway, above flood height, as with a radar or ultrasonic distance sensors. This saves on costly mounting infrastructure, particularly in remote areas where there’s no pre-existing mounting positions directly over the waterway of interest.

To complete the flood warning package, the Bubbler is linked to a data logger, such as our Weather Maestro and incorporates either a cellular connection to WeatherMation LIVE, or a custom connection to the monitoring authority’s network such as QLD TMR’s & Transmax's STREAMS network.

Other Sensors For Waterway & Flood Monitoring

Depending on your application, Environdata can provide custom monitoring solutions, whether it be a Bubbler as above, a radar non-contact distance sensor, surface velocity sensors or pressure transducers in the waterway itself.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help configure a flood warning & waterway monitoring system to suit your application.

OTT Air Pump Station for Bubbler Flood Warning Sensor

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