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The ceilometer’s role is to provide accurate and reliable cloud height information to determine cloud ceilings and vertical visibility. The measurement is based on LIDAR technology (Light Detection and Ranging). The ceilometer emits a laser light to illuminate the target, the reflected light is then automatically measured by a sensor inside the ceilometer. The advanced optics and signal processing technology can measure from near ground level to 26,000 ft (almost 8,000m).

Features at a Glance

  • Highly reliable operation
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Very long laser life
  • Measuring range of 26 000 ft [ 8000 m ]
  • Measures up to 4 cloud bases
  • Measures cloud cover in 8 Oktas

Parameters Measured

  • Cloud bases (1 – 4)
  • Cloud thickness
  • Cloud amount: (0-8 oktas at up to 4 layers)
  • Vertical visibility, sensor status, sky condition

Industry Applications

  • Aviation
  • Meteorology

Compatible with

  • Weather Maestro

Features In Detail

Details & Advantages

The ceilometer incorporates heated windows, a double skin design with heating and cooling. These features maintain the systems at a stable temperature and eliminate internal condensation. There are no moving parts and the optical components are protected from direct solar radiation by an optical solar filter.

Manufactured in Australia, Environdata has supplied 4 of these units to remote overseas private airfields, where their reliability in harsh conditions has been extensively proven.

Ideally part of a larger solution and connected to our Weather Maestro data logger and weather station, the ceilometer can be solar powered, however the cost is significant to do so, hence mains power availability is recommended.


The Ceilometer utilises a biaxial single main lens designed to provide very low interference and enhanced near field performance. The main window is constructed of anti-reflective filter coated and heated glass.

The double skin design incorporates heating and cooling, this provides a stable temperature and reduces the effects of internal condensation. An optical solar filter protects the internal optical components, and surge protection is provided to all internal connections.

The outside is finished in white powder coat.

Ceilometer Cloud Height Sensor Mounted onto Stand

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