Leaf Wetness Sensor

Environdata Leaf Wetness Sensor

The LW10 Series Leaf Wetness sensor is designed to give an output proportional to leaf wetness with approximately the same wetting and drying characteristics as a leaf.

Features at a Glance

  • Can differentiate between dew and rain
  • Graphed output data is equivalent to standard hemp or string recorder
  • Sensitivity can be set by user to detect low levels of moisture
  • Large area provides averages

The LW10 is not currently manufactured by Environdata.  Our friendly staff are happy to assist you to find an alternate leaf wetness sensor for your weather station application.

Parameters Measured

Percentage Wetness (%)

Industry Applications

  • Crop studies
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Plant breeding
  • Black spot warnings
  • Agriculture
  • Research

Compatible with

Weather Maestro

WeatherMaster 3000