Logging Rain Gauge


The RG30 & RG35 series of logging rain gauges (which replace the RG20) are compact, robust, automatic rain gauges. They consist of a full sized tipping bucket rain gauge rainfall sensor, powerful data logger, rechargeable battery, and mounting post with levelling bracket.  A solar panel, upgrade to a tripod for portability and software can be added as needed.

If you need telemetry for remote transmission of rainfall data or rainfall alerts then our RG35 series incorporates a cellular modem to automate data updates to our WeatherMation LIVE service every minute.

RG30 Logging Rain Gauge on portable tripodThe RG30 & RG35 are compact, reliable, full-featured automatic rain gauges, designed and built in Australia.


  • Full sized Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (TBRG)
  • Powerful continuously recording Data Logger
  • Australian Made
  • Robust & Reliable
  • Stainless steel barrel, chassis & bucket
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Low power, ideal for remote sites
  • Expansion for 4 additional sensors
  • Over 36 months of intensive data memory


  • Rainfall distribution and intensity
  • Rainfall monitoring networks
  • Automated Rainfall Alerts & Notifications
  • Construction contract management
  • Workflow planning
  • Safety and automation

The RG30 series logging rain gauges are commercial grade, with Australian Made quality, reliability and support. They combine the RG12H tipping bucket rain gauge, with mounting post, levelling bracket & our powerful full WeatherMate or Weather Wombat Data Loggers.

The RG12H Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (TBRG) is constructed from stainless steel with a powder coated aluminium base and funnel. The tipping bucket is manufactured from marine grade stainless steel, ensuring that tips are accurate and consistent. The inlet funnel is fitted with a syphon to control and maintain a constant flow-rate. This ensures reliable rainfall recording even at very high rainfall intensities.

This TBRG incorporates the advanced and ultra-reliable electronic Hall Effect detector, in place of the traditional Reed Switch. The Reed Switch utilises a moving bi-metallic strip – which can lead to breakdown of the detector after many years in the field. The Hall Effect sensor we have standardised in our Rain Gauges is field proven over the last 12 years – with a field life expected to exceed 100 years, and tens of millions of tips.

For all rainfall logging systems where you need the data automatically updated to a central server, or need to receive alerts based on rain events, then the RG35 which includes a built in Cellular modem is the solution.

This system is ideal to connect to our WeatherMation LIVE service to automate your rainfall monitoring in an economical and reliable package; With data updated every minute, SMS and Email alerts plus secure online access there has never been a better system to provide remote rainfall monitoring.