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Thank you for visiting our website. If you are reading this page, you might be looking for historic data, current (real-time) weather data, or weather forecasts.

Environdata is an Australian designer, manufacturer and supplier of automatic weather stations, which read and record weather data. We are not a source of general weather data.  As an example of the data automatic weather stations provide our customers, visit or

The weather data is sourced from one of our Weather Maestro weather stations located across the road from our office in Percy Street, Warwick Queensland.

This information is provided in conjunction with the Southern Downs Regional Council, who has kindly provided access to the land. Please note that this weather station may be updated to test new sensors and calculations from time to time and may not contain a continuous data record.

Official weather records for Warwick:

The official Bureau of Meteorology weather station for the Warwick region is located approximately 7km East of Warwick at the Hermitage Research Station, Bureau station number 041525:
• Forecast:
• Current data:
• Historical data: and following the prompts.

Official weather data:

We suggest visiting the Bureau of Meteorology website then following links to find the information you need:

Good luck with your weather search.

Environdata Weather Stations Team