WeatherMate 3000 Weather Station

Environdata’s WeatherMate data logger is a compact, entry-level logger with capacity for connection of up to 5 digital sensors.  The WeatherMate is designed specifically for recording environmental conditions.

Features of the WeatherMate 3000

  • Industrial and commercial grade
  • Stations are delivered in easy-to-assemble kit form, minimal technical know-how required
  • Uses Environdata’s EasiAccess software to perform complex calculations, report data in multiple formats, manage multiple weather stations at once and integrate with other packages
  • Energy efficient and solar powered as standard
  • Provides current readings, 10 minute, hourly and daily data in 4 independent memory areas (or customised to your logging schedule)
  • 8 Mb on-board flash memory (Non – volatile)
  • Stores 10 years of daily and hourly summaries and 365 days of 10 minute data concurrently
  • Custom sensor interfaces available
  • Capable of calculating advanced parameters in the built-in data logger; eg. Evaporation (FAO56 Reference Evapotranspiration), HLI / THI / AHLU for livestock heat stress, chill hours and more!
  • Australian designed, owned and made
  • We are the manufacturer and offer 10 years free post-purchase support via phone, email or Skype


To access your historical weather data, the WeatherMate features a serial connection for on-site downloading of logged data to a laptop. Downloading to laptop every few months or during an annual visit to site, may suit scientific or other research purposes.

When more frequent data is needed, for example to monitor feedlot operations, you may connect to the WeatherMate 3000 weather station by direct cable to a PC, LAN or via MODBUS and Ethernet connections.


If you need live data from a weather station sited in a remote location, we’ve introduced the ‘Weather Wombat’ weather station:  comprising the WeatherMate data logger plus a built-in industrial cellular modem, making telemetry simple.  The Weather Wombat provides the perfect solution for connecting to our WeatherMation LIVE service.  This service requires Telstra mobile coverage at site.  The Weather Wombat also offers the capacity to add UHF & VHF radio links.

For locations without Telstra mobile coverage, a satellite communication option is available with our Weather Maestro weather station.

To discuss your specific weather monitoring requirements and telemetry options, please contact us.