Weather Station Mounting Hardware

Weather Station Mounting Hardware

Environdata offers a range of mounting hardware for our Weather Stations.  These parts are typically included in a kit of parts supplied with your system.  They provide robust, simple to use mounts for all of the weather station components, resulting in an integrated weather station that will best meet your needs and can be assembled without the requirement of extra parts nor specialised skills or tools.

The posts and mounting arms are built from powder coated aluminium or stainless steel to provide a rugged, durable, and elegant solution that will last for the life of the system and beyond, even in the harshest of environments.

Weather Station Masts

Environdata’s Masts include provision for securely mounting sensors, solar panels, data logger and communications options.

Ten Metre Tilt-down Weather Station Mast

Ten metres above ground is a standard height to take wind measurements without being affected by vegetation changes at ground level.  For meteorological monitoring of ambient air to meet Australian Standards, we recommend the use of our 10 metre mast:

  • This 10m mast winches up and down for easy installation and allows safe access to the sensors.  Perfect for all sites where detailed SWMS and JSAs are required for works such as these.
  • The mast is engineer designed to withstand 57m/s (205 km/hr) winds. We also build a version to survive up to 88m/s (316km/hr) wind gusts, ask us for more detail.
  • Installs from ground level, by one person. No working at heights, EWPs, cranes or ladders required.
  • Constructed from powder coated Aluminuim and Stainless Steel for long lasting and corosion resistant operation.

Two Metre fixed Weather Station Mast

Two metres is a standard height for micro-climate measurements and applications that require crop height or livestock measurements.  This includes  weather stations required for evaporation, HLI, AHLU and Thermal Work Limit measurements.

2 metres is also the standard height for the WeatherMaster series of weather stations.

The standard 2 metre masts are built from 65mm SHS Aluminium with a 3mm wall thickness for stability and strength.  Designed with all mounting points built in and supplied with Stainless steel bolts, Captive nuts, and cable holes.  Assembling the weather station becomes very straightforward with this mast as the central support.  For weather stations to be located in extreme corrosive environments, we also offer a Marine Grade Stainless Steel 2m Mast option.

Portable Two Metre Weather Station Tripod

For systems required to be portable, we supply a robust aluminuim tripod.  We have built versions of the tripod to suit WeatherMaster weather stations, Weather Maestro weather stations, WeatherMate, WeatherWombat and Logging Rain Gauge stations.

Galvanised Two Metre Weather Station Mast

This option includes  a two metre mast, cross arm, side arm and rain gauge post all in galvanised Steel 50 x 50 mm SHS.  It is unpainted and a more economical solution for tight budgets, while still being a relatively tough and simple solution.

Weather Station Housings and Sensor Mounts

Lockable Housing – LH35

This External housing is made from Aluminium and is rugged and lockable, making it most suitable for remote sites.  While not essential, it protects the inner IP66 Housing from direct exposure to the sun and rain, extending the life of the system.  It is recommended with the Weather Maestro weather stations, but can be used with the WeatherMate and WeatherWombat weather stations as well.

Sunshade Sun20 & Sun12

This is a more economical solution for mounting the Data Loggers, where security is not a concern and conditions are more moderate.  The Sun20 is larger and best suits the Weather Maestro & Weather Wombat series, while the Sun12 suits the WeatherMate and some external communications options.

Sensor Cross Arm

The Sensor Cross Arm is available in several variants, all designed to mount horizontally across the Vertical 2m 3m, 5m or 10m Masts.  The cross arm is used for mounting wind speed and wind direction sensors as well as a solar radiation sensor. For air temperature measurements at ten metres, a top mounted sensor shelter can also be attached to the cross arm.  The 2m mast Cross Arm is 65mm SHS Aluminium, the 10m mast Cross arm is 50mm SHS Aluminium and they include all fasteners and mointing points for the sensors.  We also offer Stainless Steel Cross Arms for the ultimate in corrosion resistance.

Sensor Shelter Mounting Arm

This horizontal sensor shelter mounting arm connects to the 2m, 3m and 5m Masts. It is used for simple and convenient attachment of the bottom mounted sensor shelters.  The standard arm is 500mm long and constructed frpom Powder Coated Aluminium 50mm SHS.  We stock options for longer arms (750mm) and options for Stainless Steel Arms.  All options include integrated mounting points and stainless steel fasteners.

Sensor Shelters

Also called Radiation Shields, these enclosures are used for Air Temperature and Relative Humidity sensors.  They allow free air flow while protecting the sensors from direct and reflected rainfall and sunlight, both of which would cause reading errors otherwise.  Sensor Shelters are the modern equivalent of the old Stephenson Screen used by the Bureau of Meteorology.  The difference is in better airflow, faster response and obviously much smaller in size.

Custom height sensor shelters are also available, if you need one with additional rings to fit over taller sensors, just ask.

Our Standard Sensor Shelter for use with our Weather satations is mounted through the bootm plate into the horizontal mounting arm.  The SS32 is a rugged fully Aluminium shelter, while the SS40 uses Aluminium top and bottom rings for strength, and UV stable Polycarbonate open rings in the middle.  Performance for both shelters are the same, with the SS40 being a more economical solution, although susceptible to bushfire and high force impact.

The SS11 and SS41 are stand alone Top mounted Sensor Shelters.  Often used to mount under the cross arm at 10m in height, or in stand alone applications where a top mounting is desired.  The SS11 is fully aluminium, the SS41 uses Aluminium rings top and bottom for strength and in the middle uses UV stable Polycarbonate open rings.

Rain Gauge Posts

Accurate rainfall recording using a tipping bucket rain gauge relies on the rain gauge installed so the rim is absolutely horizontal and extremely stable.  The best solution is to use a mounting post designed specifically to acheive both of these requirements.  Mounting your rain gauge on a post also reduces the dust collected, minimises fauna and fauna ingress and increases the interval required between cleaning.

The standard rain gauge mounting post is made from powder coated 65mm SHS Aluminium with a 3mm Wall thickness. It comes with a Marine Grade Stainless Steel mounting plate to provide very fine levelling adjustment and absolute rigidity to the gauge once installed.  The post is designed to concrete the bottom 400mm in ground, placing the rim of the gauge at around 950mm above ground level to meet BoM Guidelines.

We stock options to place the Rim of the Rain Gauge at 5oomm above ground, and Stainless Steel Post options too.

Solar Panels & Mounts

The solar panels we provide come complete with an adjustable mounting frame, designed to bolt directly to the 2m, 3m and 5m Mounting posts.  The solar panel angle can be adjusted to optimise power collection for your latitude.  They are supplied with an IP67 plug in connector and UV Stable cable for ease of installation.  Typically we supply 20W panels with most weather stations, however depending on your location and weather station configuration, we may reccomend a 30W panel.  Custom power supplies are available to power other specialised site requirements.  Just ask!

Bird Deterant Strips

We have designed strips of bird deterrant stainless steel spikes, which prevent birds from being able to find any suitable perches due to the complex angles and shapes of the spikes.  These are designed to minimise the risk of birds perching on equipment and fouling the equipment or damaging cables.  If your site has a large number of birds in existance it may be prudentto install these optional strips to minimise bird damage.

There are bird spike options for the WeatherMaster 3000, the cross arm, the rain gauge and the solar panels.

Specialised Hardware 

As well as our standard mounting options, we also offer a range of specialised hardware.  These items have been supplied to a small number of customers and have already been tested in some of the harshest environments available in Australia  Please contact us for more details and to check if they are suitable for your application.

Three metre Mast – This is a fixed Mast similar to the two metre mast.

Five Metre Mast – This Mast is a Full marine Grade tilt down mast, using a winch to raise and lower – and requires no Guy Wires.

Masts higher than 10m – are available upon request.

Stainless Steel versions – All the mounting hardware is available in stainless steel versions.  These are much stronger and more durable for very harsh conditions.

Protective Fencing – Weather stations can be damaged by wild animals, domestic stock and in some cases, humans.  We recommend that a perimeter fence encloses the weather station to provide protection and to clearly define a minimum area that needs to be kept clear for accurate measurements. We can include this as part of the installation process, if required.