Weather Maestro Weather Station

Environdata designed our Weather Maestro weather station data logger specifically for recording environmental conditions. The Weather Maestro is our modular Automatic Weather Station, with 10, 16 and 20 channel versions available we can build the exact solution you need to best meet your weather monitoring requirements.

Weather Maestro Weather Station with 10m Mast

Weather Maestro Weather Station with 10m Mast

Tough Reliable Weather Station

The Weather Maestro weather stations are designed and built in Australia to survive in harsh conditions. Environdata weather stations are located throughout Australia: the Simpson Desert, far north Western Australia, throughout the Kimberley, several kilometres off the Tasmanian coast, Uluru, tropical Cape Tribulation and remote Gove in the Northern Territory are just a few of the more extreme examples.

These robust, modular weather stations are specifically designed to be easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain. Supplied pre-programmed from Environdata’s Queensland factory and backed up by detailed handbooks and full manufacturer support, your new weather station will be accurate, reliable and dependable.

The Weather Maestro can accept up to 20 sensors and you can choose from Environdata’s high quality Weather Sensors, or almost any other sensor you can think of with a simple interface.

The extensive on-board non-volatile memory provides capacity for an average of 1,000,000 sets of readings, all with an individual date and time stamp, critical to maintaining data integrity. As well as a dedicated current readings 1-minute summary, the memory is divided into 3 separate areas. A typical program would allow for a 10-minute summary, an hourly summary and a daily summary. Of course these intervals are easily customized to suit your required logging schedule.

In real terms, the Weather Maestro Weather Station has capacity for more than 1 year of data including ten minute, hourly and daily summaries, all in secure non-volatile flash memory.

Your Weather Maestro Weather Station can also perform high-level calculations, such as Sigma Theta for dust, odour or pollutant dispersion studies, FAO56 evaporation or evapotranspiration calculations, Dew Point, Thermal Work Limit (TWL) & WBGT for human heat stress plus HLI, THI & AHLU for monitoring animal comfort in feedlot situations.  In addition there are over 250 standard calculations you can choose from such as average, mean, total, standard deviation, minimum & maximum values.

Specifically designed with remote sites in mind, the Weather Maestro has low power consumption and is ideal for solar power, which we supply as standard with most weather stations.

If no Environdata telemetry or software is used, the weather data is retrieved from the data logger as ASCII text, with a native output in RS232 Serial format. This data is easily readable by humans and also easily interpreted by any third party application for custom integration. Environdata also provides a MODBUS TCP/IP or MODBUS RS485 interface if required, further enhancing the ease of connecting to your control system.

Weather Sensors

Environdata manufactures a wide range of high quality weather sensors, designed to be accurate, tough and reliable.  Using a frequency-based signal ensures reliable transmission of the data to the weather station and allows for ‘continuous’ monitoring, not spot sampling.  This means your recorded weather data represents the true weather conditions from each of your sites.

Weather Station Communications

When you need your weather data from your weather station in your hand when you need it, you need our WeatherMation LIVE service.  The base package of the Weather Maestro weather station is designed to work well in remote unattended sites, logging weather data continuously, and it does this very well.  However, most customers now want the benefits of having their weather station connected via telemetry to provide  immediate access to your site’s weather data.

For some this means connecting to their local SCADA, BMS or control system, via cable, UHF radio links for short range (up to 5km) to medium range (up to 15km), and VHF radio links for longer distances.  These can be combined with Ethernet converters or MODBUS TCP/IP or MODBUS RS485 modules to simplify your integration.

Most customers now choose to include Cellular data telemetry, which when combined with our Weathermation LIVE service truly delivers your weather data when you want it, where you want it and how you want it.

For remote sites with no cellular coverage, we can supply a Satellite data connection to WeatherMation LIVE, capable of retrieving your comprehensive weather data records 12 times per day, anywhere in the world.  We currently have several Weather Maestro weather stations in Africa, in addition to dozens across the vast interior of Australia communicating to WeatherMation LIVE via Satellite, including one in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

So, any time or place that you need to get your data from your Weather Maestro, no matter how often, Environdata will have a solution to meet your needs!

Weather Station Software

WeatherMation LIVE is Environdata’s fully in-house developed automated data collection service.  Your data is stored securely on our Servers in Brisbane, and is available via our web-portal, therefore you only need a browser and any device with internet connection to securely view and download your data.  You own your data and you need a user name and password to view it, however you can publish it publicly if you prefer.  This service provides full access to current weather readings, typically updated every minute, as well as trend information and summary historical weather data.  The service also automatically reviews all weather station data on a daily basis and alerts us to the system status.  This means potential faults are identified quickly and remedial action can be taken. WeatherMation LIVE is accessed via a secure login, and can send Alerts and Notifications by SMS or email.

WeatherMation DIRECT is a simple utility program which is designed to run across multiple platforms and operating systems.  It simplifies onsite downloading of data and provides current readings and some diagnostic information, in addition to saving the data off all of your weather stations in CSV files.  It is available free-of-charge for customers who wish to do data collection or onsite maintenance connected directly to their weather station.

Environdata also supplies AirData firmware & Sigma Theta firmware  in the weather station; ideal for tracking wind movement and dispersion.  As an addition to this, WeatherMation LIVE’s reports module allows you to quickly and easily run Wind Rose reports with full customisation to meet your Wind Rose needs.

For customers manually downloading their weather station(s), EasiAccess software is a simple to operate software package that includes data collection, storage and display modules.  Multiple Weather Stations can be managed within EasiAccess which allows you to graph and tabulate data, and also compare data from different weather stations.

Weather Maestro Weather Station Summary

The Weather Maestro is a robust, Australian Made data logger designed to form the heart of a reliable and tough professional, industrial or scientific weather station.   Using the Weather Maestro as the core of your Weather Station will provide you the peace of mind you are buying the best equipment for the job, at a very reasonable price, with Australian backup and support direct from the manufacturer.

Simply choose up to 20 weather sensors you need to record, confirm if you need to meet the Australian Standards including the use of a 10 metre instrument mast, and choose a method of collecting the data. Environdata’s WeatherMation Web Portal with alerts and notifications functionality will help deliver your full weather monitoring solution. Your weather data, where, when and how you need it. Environdata are Australia’s weather station specialists since 1982, so please contact us for advice on your weather monitoring requirements, positioning on your site, and general advice on all things weather station related.