WeatherMation Self Hosted

For users who want to set-up and manage WeatherMation within your own IT Environment, Environdata has made the WeatherMation software available as an installable package. This provides a management console for you to schedule downloads of your weather data, manage your users and set-up alerts and notifications.

The self hosted version of WeatherMation is ideal when you need the benefits of the WeatherMation package but want to keep your solution in-house.

Weather Station Software – Customer Hosted Web Portal

  • The WeatherMation  manages data collection, storage and distribution for you
  • Hosted on your server
  • One or many Weather Stations
  • One or many users with secure login access from any web browser
  • Live & historical weather data
  • Optional SMS and E-mail alerts
  • Mobile device display

Automated Data Collection

WeatherMation-Weather-Station-Software-Current-WeatherWhen you run our WeatherMation Self-Hosted service on your server you can:

  • Collect your weather data from all of your Environdata weather stations, automatically, as often as every minute if required
  • Provide all of your Users secure access to live and historic weather data via our secure web portal
  • Send SMS and E-mail alerts when your preset weather conditions are met. (Optional)
  • Send SMS or E-mail notifications on your specified schedule. (Optional)

Weather data from all of your Environdata weather stations is automatically collected and saved into WeatherMation’s secure SQL database, held on your server.

User Based Access

Secure logins ensure only those people you allow to see each station will be able to do so. Public access can be assigned to weather stations you wish to be viewed with no login required.

Live Weather Data

WeatherMation provides your users access to current weather conditions immediately, any time from any browser.  For live data you will need a data connection to each weather station via UHF, Direct Cable, IP, via Cellular modem (in PSD Mode) or Satellite modems.

Data Trends

The live weather data option shows trend graphs for convenient display of immediate weather history.

Historic Data

All memory data from your weather stations is held in the WeatherMation Self Hosted SQL database.  Your users can view data in trend graphs, and select data ranges to download for more detailed analysis and reporting, or view your saved reports, including Wind Rose reports in the optional Reports module. (WeatherMation’s own Analysis and Reporting package)

Alerts & Notifications

When the weather impacts your operation, having an automated method for alerting your staff by e-mail and / or SMS will save you time and money. WeatherMation’s Alerts Module provides alerts by E-mail or SMS based on your weather data. You can set ‘Do Not Contact’ times for your users and alert types, to make sure the people who have to know the weather data get notified when and how they need to.

WeatherMation – Self Hosted Control Console

The WeatherMation Self-Hosted service provides your administrator with a full GUI interface to simplify the set-up and management of your service.

  • Set-up new Weather Stations
  • Set-up your users
  • Set-up your notifications and alerts
  • Manage your data download methods and scheduling


WeatherMation-self-hosted-Weather-Station-Alert-do-not-contact-times-setup (1)