EasiAccess Software

EasiAccess software is an easy to use yet powerful tool for managing, downloading, and viewing the weather data from your weather station in one seamless software package.

EasiAccess-Weather-Station-Software-Sample-PageManage one or many weather stations. Manage collected data easily with import and export functions. View weather data in tabular or graphical form or both. View real time live data from a connected weather station. EasiAccess is a comprehensive Weather Station Management software package, that is easy to use, helping you to get the weather data you want, when you want it and how you want it. EasiAccess is best suited to users collecting historical data only from remote field sites or users with a Direct cable or UHF connection to their office.


EasiAccess software is an easy to use yet powerful tool for managing, downloading, and viewing the weather data from your weather station in one seamless software package.

  • Manage one or many weather stations.
  • Manage collected data easily with import and export functions.
  • View weather data in tabular or graphical form or both.
  • Connecting to your weather station is as simple as clicking the connect button.


Connection options include:

  • Direct cable connection (options up to 5km)
  • Cellular Modems
  • Telephone line modems
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Wireless radio data links.
  • Combinations of the above may also be used.

Connection Security

EasiAccess ensures secure connection and communication with the weather station in three ways by verifying the:

  • weather station serial number
  • date and time
  • database structure

Upon successful connection, an “On-Line” indicator shows the connection is active. For modem connections (where call costs apply), EasiAccess has an over-riding timer that automatically closes the connection if a preset limit is exceeded, to prevent excess call costs.

weather_station_software_current_readings‘Real Time’ or Live weather Data

EasiAccess provides a full screen display of the weather ‘right now’. This means the current conditions from your site can be monitored from your site office – typically only used with a direct cable link or UHF connection.  (Our WeatherMation LIVE service is the best option for web based data collection).

Collecting (stored) Data

When told to collect the data from the weather station, EasiAccess automatically collects all data stored in the weather station since the last time data was collected. This data is saved into simple text files on the computer, providing a secure copy of the data. These data files are then used to update the database automatically.

EasiAccess will warn the user if it detects out of sequence data, data files that have no ‘end of data’ marker, invalid dates or times, or the wrong number of items. Therefore you will be assured of the validity of your data. For advanced users, a wide range of collection options can be selected.

Managing Your Data

Viewing your weather data

Viewing your weather data is as simple as double clicking on a memory table in the database.

  • Daily, hourly and intensive data (for example 15minute data) from the weather station are held as separate database ‘tables’ within EasiAccess, which means immediate access to the level of detail that you require. Simply clicking on a table heading displays an automatically scaled graph of that data, as shown to the left.
  • A simple click and drag zoom function, zoom in/out buttons on the toolbar, and zoom controlled by the mouse wheel provide quick access to the desired level of detail in your graphs.
  • To compare or contrast readings, up to six graphs can be shown on the same chart. This allows you for example to place the air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed onto a single chart. In addition, several columns of data can be displayed in each of the six graphs. For example, the average wind speed and peak wind gust on the one graph.
  • The tabular view shows the actual recorded values, and allows selected sections to be printed or exported to other applications.
  • There is no limit to the number of data points EasiAccess can handle.

Database Management

EasiAccess provides database tools to allow data from each weather station to be viewed, imported, exported and modified as desired.

  • Selected data can be exported in three formats, the standard Environdata format, CSV format for direct transfer to MS Excel and Access, and a customise-able format to allow transfer to virtually any other application.
  • Data can also be imported with similar ease. Your data can also be edited in EasiAccess’ table based editor.
  • The ability to archive your database as desired will maintain the ‘current’ database at a manageable size. This allows you to maximise the speed of data access.

Advanced Features


EasiAccess allows you to create multiple pre-defined layouts for reporting. This allows you to create many specific layouts that provide the required display at a click of a button. This can be used for regular reporting or to compare data from a number of stations. A particular benefit is that the time range selected for a report can be a fixed period, such as ‘January’ or can be a relative time, as in ‘the last 7 days’.


EasiAccess has the ability to calculate additional data, based on the weather data. This is done by the addition of extra columns in the data tables, which will perform your desired calculation on each row of data.
This provides a simple means of calculating and displaying information derived from your weather data, such as wind chill, heat stress, sigma theta or whatever calculations are applicable to your industry.  Please note that many of these calculations are now available directly from our Weather Stations, so this feature is usually only applicable to existing customers with weather stations manufactured prior to 2009.  Please ask us to check your system if unsure.

Wind Rose

A wind rose report (optional extra) is a single page statistical diagram of wind speed and direction information over a customisable time period. This conveniently summarises the wind distribution for the period visually. The actual statistical data is also available as a tabulation to allow easy comparison.

Multiple stations

EasiAccess can manage almost any number of weather stations, simplifying administration and providing a means to easily compare data between stations. Quick access to multiple stations is via the drop down selection on the EasiAccess main screen.


Basic data collection and real time displays of weather data can be activated automatically, which allows task schedular programs (such as that included with Windows XP Pro) to automate tasks. This means updates can be done regularly and automatically, with the information disseminated across a network or emailed as an attachment across the Internet. (Our AE10 Auto-Email software is an optional extra) Therefore your data collection can have a minimal impact on your daily routine.

Tools Menu

Following connection to a Weather Station, a ‘tools’ menu is activated for that type of weather station. This provides relevant functions at the click of a button.

Communications Terminal

The EasiAccess Communications Terminal is an alternative method of connecting to any weather station that shows the connection details and allows direct access to the full set of weather station commands and shows the full weather station responses. This means comprehensive diagnostic and management tools for the user, who can be easily assisted remotely by Environdata Service Staff.