Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

The Environdata RG12 Series tipping bucket rain gauge is sturdily constructed from stainless steel with a powder painted aluminium base and receiver funnel.  The tipping mechanism is stainless steel and the design is rugged and reliable.


  • 203mm diameter collection funnel
  • Stainless steel barrel
  • Easy barrel removal
  • Easy to clean
  • Robust, reliable, long service life
  • Syphon-action delivery mechanism
  • 2-wire Reed Contact version, or 3-wire Hall Effect versions


  • Rainfall distribution monitoring
  • Rainfall intensity monitoring
  • Catchment monitoring
  • Soil conservation
  • Flood mitigation programs
  • Hydrology


The RG12 series tipping bucket rain gauge is designed to work in Harsh Australian conditions from the Simpson Desert to the Tropics of Far North QLD, to the exposed west coast of Tasmania. Utilizes non-corrosive materials with filters in the receiver and both outlets to prevent debris (e.g. leaves, dirt, insects) from entering the working parts of the instrument to ensure reliability and longevity.

The gauge is also fitted with a syphon to control and maintain a constant flow-rate into the bucket mechanism, this is specifically designed to enhance accuracy at very high rainfall rates.

The tipping mechanism is manufactured from stainless steel and aluminium and is of very solid construction ensuring that tips are accurate and consistent in volume. The syphon can easily be taken apart to clean, which means the unit is simple to maintain in optimum condition.

Environdata can supply the RG12 in 2 versions so there is a model to best suit your needs:

  1. RG12H 3 wire, Hall Effect sensing, for better reliability.  The pulse output is also stretched to 250 milliseconds in duration, and debouncing is automatic, so your signal is clean and simple to read.  This is the model that we supply as standard with our Weather Stations.
  2. RG12U 2 wire, Reed Contact model, which is simple to connect to your control system and where you need a traditional 2 wire connection.

We also offer a Rain Gauge Converter, RGC12.  This accepts either a 2 wire or 3 wire (Hall Effect sensing) rain gauge and provides both a relay and four different electronic outputs.  This simplifies connection to any RTU, PLC or SCADA SYSTEM. The relay has two changeover contact sets and the electronic outputs will match your input voltages automatically.  Perfect for integration into your RTU, PLC, SCADA or control system.