Specialised Weather Sensors

Environdata designs and builds a wide range of weather sensors.  These are specifically designed to suit our weather stations.  However, we have focused on the main weather sensors used on weather stations, and are not able to make everything ourselves.

For those customers wanting to record data from related weather sensors, we have a solution.

We have extensive experience in building signal conditioners and interfaces to almost any weather sensor you can think of.  Even we have been surprised by some of the exotic weather-related sensors our customers have asked us to integrate into their weather stations.

Therefore we can supply weather sensors from a wide range of reputable manufacturers worldwide.  We can provide you a full solution for your monitoring including:

  • Ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensors
  • Laser precipitation monitors
  • Dust monitors
  • Water depth sensors (from pressure transducers to Vega radar sensors to OTT bubbler sensors)
  • Strain gauges for pavement strain
  • UVA, UVB, UVI, Lux, & PAR radiation sensors from Skye Instruments
  • Net Radiometers, direct and diffuse solar radiation sensors from Middleton Solar,Hukseflux, or Kipp & Zonen
  • Soil Moisture sensors are Theta Probes sourced from Delta T
  • Soil heat flux sensors are the Hukseflux self-calibrating heat flux plate HFP01SC
  • If lightning is of concern we supply sensors for monitoring lightning strikes
  • We have also supplied Electric Field Mills from Mission Instruments to monitor when the conditions are present for lightning to occur

If there is a specific sensor or type of measurement you want recorded in your Environdata weather station, we have the solution in hand or can easily find it for you.