Solar Radiation Sensor

The SR41 Series Solar Radiation Sensor is a general purpose global incoming solar radiation sensor with cosine correction. It has been designed for recording hours of sunshine as well as total incident solar energy.


  • Solar Radiation Intensity
  • Meteorological
  • Agricultural
  • Irrigation management
  • Bush fire management


The solar radiation sensor’s cosine correction is achieved by shaping a teflon diffuser and accurately housing this inside an opaque cylinder. A silicon photovoltaic cell is mounted inside the diffuser. This combination provides a standardised reading equivalent to radiation falling on a non-reflective flat surface.

For clear unobstructed daylight conditions, the SR41 series compares favourably with first class thermopile-type pyranometers at a fraction of the cost. The spectral response of the Environdata pyranometer does not cover the full range of the solar spectrum, but the error introduced is less than ±5% under most conditions of natural daylight.  SR41 Series readings should not be taken as absolute when recording under vegetation or artificial lights. For routine maintenance it is advisable that the top of the sensor be cleaned with a soft tissue to remove dust.