Soil, Grass and Water Temperature Sensors

Environdata has designed a highly robust sensor for the accurate recording of temperature in harsh environments.  These sensors will record temperatures reliably in environments including acid soils, saline water, or asphalt.

  • Stainless Steel tip and fully sealed electronics for reliability
  • Suitable for grass temperature, water temperature, soil temperature
  • Stable temperature measurement accuracies of better than ±0.2°C

The TS45 Series Temperature Sensors are specially designed for measuring the temperature of soil, grass or water.


  • Semi-conductor sensing element
  • Waterproof, aluminium sheathed tip
  • Robust PVC housing
  • Fully weatherproof


  • General meteorology
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Crop studies
  • Ecology
  • Pest management


Improved design provides for faster and more accurate temperature sensing. Temperature stability of the new design allows realistic temperature measurement accuracies of ± 0.2°C over the range.

The sensing element consists of a semi-conductor integrated circuit which provides an output voltage proportional to the ambient temperature. The relationship between temperature and output voltage is extremely linear due to the high internal gain of the integrated circuit.

The body which houses the electronic circuit is made from high impact PVC which provides mechanical protection.

The electronic circuit is encapsulated in a potting compound to prevent water damage. Although the sensor is weatherproof, burying in soil or submersion in water should be avoided.

The sensor’s tip is sealed into an aluminium sleeve and is fully protected against moisture.