Water Storage Weather Stations

Water storage facilities require accurate local weather data for:

  • Calculation of evaporation rates
    The traditional method is using a Class ‘A’ Pan. This has been superseded by the FAO56 Penman equation which is an electronic method, considered to be more reliable and more easily maintained.
  • Prediction and management of algal blooms
    Water temperatures within the storage, as well as weather conditions surrounding the storage, contribute to the risk and management of algal bloom.
  • Rainfall and water level data
    The water levels within the storage are affected by inflow and outflow rates, rainfall, evaporation and seepage. Together, these parameters can be used to monitor water flows and calculate changes in water storage levels.

Weather Station requirements

There are several important criteria for a weather station at a water storage facility:

  • Quality instrumentation (accurate & robust)
  • Ability to calculate evaporation rates based on Penman Equation (FAO56)
  • Capacity to customise data in reporting software
  • Inclusion of remote communications options
  • Prompt on-site service & accessible technical support
  • Australian Made (to ensure ready availability of parts & service)

Environdata’s Weather Maestro Weather Station

Environdata’s Weather Maestro provides an ideal solution when selecting an automatic weather station for water storage facilities.

The heart of the weather station, the Weather Maestro data logger, is available in 6, 10 or 16 channel versions to ensure all your critical weather parameters are monitored. It features a powerful processor with a large and easily configurable on-board memory. The recorderis pre-programmed with Environdata’s custom-designed software (capable of calculating evaporation data based on the FAO56 Penman Equation) and can include a range of communication and remote monitoring options. The Weather Maestro is energy efficient and solar powered as standard.

The entire modular weather station can be installed using Environdata’s integrated mounting options to meet your specific site and communication requirements.


The Weather Maestro weather station package includes Environdata’s ‘ EasiAccess’ weather station software. This powerful Windows based package collects data from the data logger, features a range of export options, allows for the viewing of data in tabular or graphical form, facilitates the viewing of real time weather data and has a range of connection and communication options. The software provides daily, hourly and more intensive (e.g. every 10 minutes) reports from the weather station. These reporting intervals are fully customisable to meet your weather monitoring needs.

The capacity of EasiAccess software to perform complex calculations, report data in multiple formats, manage multiple weather stations at once and integrate with other packages makes it the ideal package to support managers of water storage and treatment facilities requiring instant access to microclimate data.

Telemetry Options & Remote Access

Environdata offers a wide range of communications options that can be integrated into our weather stations. The choice depends on the location and how quickly data needs to be accessed.

Installation and Support

Environdata technicians perform regular service trips within Australia to provide installation, training and onsite calibration and repairs. Every Weather Maestro weather station is delivered pre-configured for the specific customer’s requirements and includes a comprehensive handbook. Free backup support by telephone, or email is provided for the life of the system.

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