Scientific Research Weather Stations

Environdata has been supplying and installing scientific research weather stations for over thirty years.

Our extensive experience includes systems for wind studies, solar radiation studies, materials testing, corrosion monitoring, water measurement and rain measurement.

Our weather recorders are pre-programmed to suit your requirements so that you can install, switch on and have a fully operational system the same day.

Environdata uses its own proprietary pulse technology between its sensors and the recorder. This pulse signal is highly electrically-noise resistant and provides high accuracy and reliability as a result. It maintains these characteristics over long cable lengths – 100 metres or more – allowing sensors to be physically diverse and still connected to the one recorder. It also allows any combination of sensors to be used.

Our standard sensors are pre-calibrated so that replacement sensors are fully inter-changeable without the need to alter scaling or calibration values in the recorder.

This simplifies maintenance and inventory requirements.

Specialised sensors can be added to the system easily using our standard interfaces. This allows us to meet your specific requirements while still supplying an integrated system with its inherent simplicity and ease of use.

For all customers, we provide a high level of support by telephone, email and internet based connection. We also offer installation and onsite servicing.

Environdata also supplies a range of communication options that are fully integrated into our sealed weather station housings. Multiple communication options can also be accommodated. Contact us for suitable site specific recommendations.

Our systems are designed to be power efficient for solar powered operation, but can equally be mains or externally powered. They are also very suitable for remote site operation.

The recorders include a large permanent memory that is segregated into a number of independent memory sections. This can hold daily summaries for up to five years, with more intensive hourly and typically ten minute data for up to one year.

The memory operation is automatic and once a memory is full that memory deletes its oldest data so that new data can be recorded.

Depending on the requirements of your application, our systems can also include alarm capabilities, both via mobile SMS or hard-wired cable.

Environdata Weather stations arrive as a modular kit, are easy to install, are Australian made and easy to maintain.

They with provide an outstanding accuracy and reliability that will provide you with exactly what you need for your environmental monitoring needs.

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