Weather Stations for Agriculture

Agricultural-research-weather-station-Peter-Andrews-natural-sequence-farming-2Our primary production industries, including horticulture, viticulture, apples, cotton and all other crops share common issues that require reliable high quality weather data.

Environdata’s Weather Stations for Agriculture are:

  • Robust, reliable & durable, to withstand the wide range of harsh conditions experienced across this country
  • Australian Made, designed and owned
  • Quality materials, no cheap plastic parts used
  • Industrial and commercial grade – Long service life means value for money
  • Pre-programmed to suit your requirements

Key Benefits of Environdata’s Weather Stations for Agriculture:

  • 10 years free post-purchase support via phone, email or skype
  • The agricultural weather stations are delivered in easy-to-assemble kit form, with detailed instructions. Designed for the primary producer to self-install
  • Option of installation or on-site servicing by Environdata, saves you time
  • Our weather stations can be used as either a fixed site or mobile station
  • Current readings, 10 minute, hourly and daily weather data are standard. Customise to suit your needs
  • 1 year (or more) secure on-board data storage for 10-minute weather, hourly weather & daily weather summaries
  • Accurate sensors with minimal drift. Recalibration every 5 to 10 years recommended
  • Options for downloading direct from the weather station, telemetry to your office, or:
  • Automate your weather data collection and management with Environdata’s WeatherMation LIVE service
Typical Sensors used on an Agricultural Weather Station:

Rainfall – A tipping bucket rain gauge for agriculture needs to be reliable and robust. It needs to be made from material that won’t corrode and won’t degrade in the sun. Our tipping bucket rain gauge is made from marine grade stainless steel and powder-coated aluminium, with a Hall Effect sensor for maximum field life. If you have a bird problem, then our optional bird spikes keep them from fouling the gauge.

Rainfall Intensity – While total rain over a day is important to know for agricultural industries, knowing the rate at which it fell can also be important. Think about getting 25mm of rain. If it fell steadily over 24 hours or if it fell in 20 minutes, what does that mean to you, for soil moisture uptake, run off or erosion? Our agricultural weather stations all record rainfall intensity as standard.

Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction & Solar Radiation Sensors – The ideal weather sensors for Agricultural monitoring are stable, robust and work reliably year after year. While you don’t need the highest level of accuracy, you do need it to survive in the weather and simply keep going. This is what Environdata’s sensors are designed to deliver. They happen to be accurate as well, but we figure you won’t mind.

Soil Moisture & Soil Temperature – Environdata manufactures a heavy duty long lasting soil temperature sensor, and can supply a large range of soil moisture sensors from third parties. Typically we provide ‘single point’ soil moisture sensors to add to your weather monitoring, rather than a soil moisture profiling system.

Why choose Environdata?

Specialised industry-specific calculations such as Reference Evapotranspiration (ETo) can be provided from our agricultural weather stations. Our weather stations use the full FAO56 version, which has been recognised by researchers and managers as the most accurate way to determine evapotranspiration in crops.

Our WeatherMation LIVE service – Automates & manages your weather data collection, storage and distribution for you. Access your data from anywhere via any device with an internet connection. WeatherMation LIVE brings your weather stations & weather data live and secure to the palm of your hand.
Optionally, you can choose email or SMS alerts based on your weather conditions, such as certain rainfall totals or rates, temperatures, or wind conditions for safe spraying.

Remote access to your data – we can supply a range of communications options to suit; direct cable, radio link, mobile connection and satellite. Any of which can be used with or without the WeatherMation LIVE service.

Servicing and Support – As with all our systems, we provide a high level of customer support by email, telephone, skype or using direct access where there is an internet connection available, making it easy for you to maintain your weather station. We also have service staff dedicated to providing onsite support and regular maintenance of your weather station, should you wish to use that service.

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