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The Big Thermometer Weather Station is now LIVE!


The Big Thermometer Weather Station Supplied by Environdata

Environdata Weather Stations, has provided the LED Display and the weather station that measures the temperature for the Big Thermometer in Stanthorpe QLD.

Stanthorpe Big Thermometer LED supplied by Environdata Weather Stations

“This is the first time we have supplied such a large display and we are very happy with its performance” Managing Director, Peter Rodeck, said.

To get accurate readings, the temperature has to be measured 1.5 metres above the ground.  Measuring the temperature at the display, which is 10 metres above the ground, would not be accurate and measuring within the stone and concrete structure would also be a problem.  So, the temperature is actually measured at an Environdata weather station about 15 metres away.  This gives readings that meet Australian standards and are accurate within a few tenths of a degree.

The Environdata weather station also supplies data to the Internet, so that residents can see the temperature at any time and can also see the trend for the last day or the last week.

Stanthorpe Big Thermometer Weather Station

The Live and Historic data can be accessed through Environdata’s WeatherMation LIVE web site or via www.stanthorpeweather.com.au

Environdata designs, manufactures and supplies weather stations and web based weather  data for commercial, mining, industrial and scientific applications.

The Big Thermometer Weather Station also measures rainfall, in preparation for when it does rain again!