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Industrial Weather station MODBUS TCP/IP interface


The new MB40 MODBUS interface to our weather stations makes connecting our weather stations to industrial networks easier, by using a standard MODBUS TCP/IP network connection.

This typically applies to SCADA, PLC and BMS systems without the need for low level programming. *

The new design makes the most recent memory data available (Daily, Hourly and 10 Minute data) as well as ‘Current’ sensor readings.  There is also provision for synchronising the weather station time clock where precise time matching is required.

As well as the Ethernet (TCP/IP) interface, there is also a serial (RS485) communications option for applications where long cable connections are required (up to 1300 metres).

Configuration can be set from DIP switches or via MODBUS registers or more easily via a web page for the Ethernet version.

MB40 is a standalone version that is suitable for DIN rail mounting , while MB45 is enclosed in the sealed housing of the weather station with access via a sealed gland.

Please contact us for more information about how we can help connect a weather station to your system.


*SCADA stands for Sensing, Control And Data Acquisition

*PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controllers

*BMS Building Management Systems