Environdata News and Announcements

The Big Thermometer Weather Station is now LIVE!


Environdata Proudly supports the Big Thermometer project; A unique monument to the cold temperatures we receive in the soutthern downs region throughout Brass Monkey season. Environdata sourced, supplied and installed the large LED Display and the Environdata weather station that supplies the accurate weather readings.

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WeatherMation LIVE weather station web portal


Environdata’s ‘WeatherMation LIVE’ service manages your weather data collection, storage and distribution for you. We collect the weather data from all of your weather stations at your chosen schedule – up to every minute – and host it on our secure servers. Your users access your weather data via a secure login from any Internet […]

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Industrial Weather station MODBUS TCP/IP interface


The new MB40 MODBUS interface to our weather stations makes connecting our weather stations to industrial networks easier, by using a standard MODBUS TCP/IP network connection. This typically applies to SCADA, PLC and BMS systems without the need for low level programming. * The new design makes the most recent memory data available (Daily, Hourly […]

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WeatherMaster 3000 Weather Station


Environdata’s new WeatherMaster 3000 automatic weather station combines our advanced data logger with our integrated WeatherMaster design. The release of the WeatherMaster 3000 further enhances our range of robust, reliable commercial weather station solutions. Compact, rugged and economical, talk to us about how the WeatherMaster 3000 can fit your organisation’s weather monitoring needs.  

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New Satellite Communications for Weather stations


The new satellite communications interface has been developed specifically at the request of a number of customers whose weather station(s) are at very remote sites.  These weather stations are both difficult to access and have no mobile coverage.  In some cases, the only access available is using a helicopter at typically one thousand dollars per […]

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New Weather Station Software version


Environdata’s weather station software, EasiAccess, version 3.4 has recently been released as an upgrade to the previous version 2.21.  The new version includes a weather station current readings display that includes graphical icons for Environdata Weather Maestro and WeatherMate weather stations. The new version is also suitable for previous WeatherMaster 2000 and EasiData MK4 stations, […]

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New Industrial Rain Gauge Converter


Environdata has released a rain gauge converter, RGC12, that makes it easy to connect their standard RG12 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge to a digital input on any Industrial system, in spite of the number of different interfaces used in these systems.  The new converter makes this easy by providing a choice of three different outputs […]

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Barometric Pressure Sensor BP40 Released


A new Barometric pressure sensor, BP40, has been released.  It is microprocessor based, is more stable and can maintain higher accuracies than its predecessor, BP10.  The new sensor is accurate to +/- 1 hPa over 12 months with initial calibration accuracy of better than +/-0.5 hPa. Resolution is better than 0.1 hPa.  The BP40 can be […]

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Heat Stress Weather Stations


Environdata’s new Thermal Work Limit (TWL) weather stations can provide accurate, reliable, on-site monitoring to manage the risk of heat stress. Our heat stress weather stations have alert functions and robust Australian Made reliability, built to survive Australia’s harsh conditions and to keep your workers safe and productive.  

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