What is the difference between Hardware, Software and Firmware related to a Weather Station?

In an electronic context, weather station Hardware is the electronic components, printed circuit boards, connectors and cabling and so on.  These items can be touched and are tangible or physical items, and therefore deemed ‘hard’, or ‘fixed’.

By contrast, weather station Software is a set of instructions or program that can be changed, and is not tangible in nature.  Typically, software refers to a program on a computer.

Firmware, as its name implies, has some of the characteristics of both Hardware and Software.  Weather station Firmware is a set of instructions or program that resides in an electronic chip and can only be changed by specifically re-programming that chip.  So, it is by nature Software, but once programmed into a chip, is semi-permanent or ‘firm’.

Most embedded devices, including Environdata’s weather sensors, converters and data recorders, operate using Firmware.