What is an EasiData?

EasiData Mark 4 – Obsolete

EasiData is the trade name of Environdata’s older weather stations.  These models are no longer in production, but are still serviced and supported by Environdata.  For service information, please contact Environdata.


EasiData Mark 1 systems were first sold in 1986.  Only about 10 were produced.

EasiData MK2 systems were sold from 1987, but all were upgraded to MK3 within that year.

EasiData MK3 systems were sold from 1987 to mid-1997.  About 1000 systems were sold in all, with only a few still in service now.

EasiData Mk4 systems were sold from 1992 through to September 2008.  Close to 2000 systems were delivered over that period.  Many of these systems are still in active service.

The modular weather station supported any combination of up to 16 plug-in sensors.  Its multiple-memory system ensured efficient use of memory and typically provided daily summaries, hourly and 10 minute data for periods of 1 – 3 months.  While now obsolete, we continue to service and support the Mk4 weather station.