What are the different Mobile Connection Types?

The traditional method of transferring data via the mobile phone network is using a ’dial-up’ connection.   Using an office modem and analogue telephone line, the weather station modem is dialled and a connection made.  Data is transferred and the connection closed.  The service provider, such as Telstra, charges for the time of connection, like a voice call.  This is called Circuit Switched Data (CSD).  This method is a lower cost solution if you only wish to collect your data infrequently (once per day, or less).

The modern method of data transfer is called Packet Switched Data (PSD).  Here, a connection is held permanently open, similar to the Internet, and charges apply for the amount of data transferred, not the connection time.  This method is better suited where frequent updates are required (every minute for live data, or every ten minutes or hour for historic data).

PSD is used in mobile connections to Environdata’s WeatherMation LIVE service, while either method could be used if you are self-hosting our WeatherMation Server software.