My exploration site is inaccessible for most of the year. Will your weather station store my data?

Our systems have been designed with reliable remote site data storage as their primary aim.

To this end, our memory is designed to be as secure as possible.  It will retain stored data for at least 5 years without the need for power or backup batteries.

We also hold a backup copy of the schedule (program that controls data collection and storage) in the recorder.  A failure to record data will result in the backup copy being loaded.  If this fails, a basic logging program will be loaded so that all sensor channels will at least have a value recorded.

We also have specific electronic circuitry, called a watchdog, which will automatically restart our recorders if they should stop as a result of nearby electrical interference (lightning strikes).

We segregate our stored data into separate memories so that we can set longer storage periods for more important data, such as Daily Summaries.

Our typical system stores 5 years of Daily Summary, 2 years of Hourly data and 6 – 9 months of 10 Minute Data.  However, this is dependent on the number of sensors and the data storage intensity.