Environdata’s weather stations are better than overseas made ones. Why?

Environdata has designed and developed its equipment in Australia based on our experience in Australia and overseas.  This means it is designed specifically to survive the harsh extremes of Australia’s climate.

Our equipment is installed and has worked reliably for many years in thousands of sites across the wide range of harsh Australian climates; from the heat, humidity and high rainfall of the wet tropics of the North, to the heat and dust of the arid dry climate of the Pilbara & the ‘red centre’, to the cold snow and rain of the Southern Alps and the salt laden winds of the maritime sea coasts.

Also, as a result of the vast distances and remote communities in Australia, we have developed our own unique methods of making our systems easy to install, highly reliable, easy to fault find and easy to service with a minimum of technical knowledge.

If you need backup, service and support, it is hard to go past the manufacturer. When it comes to making weather stations to suit Australia’s climate, you need to look for a true Australian Made solution. The answer to both criterea: Environdata weather Stations