Exporting Weather Stations to the World

Environdata Weather Stations are designed and built in Australia and proudly have the Australian Made endorsement. We supply hundreds of customers around Australia every year, however we also export our Australian Made weather stations and weather sensors all over the world

With weather station solutions built to withstand Australia’s harsh climates, many countries have seen the benefits of Environdata’s weather stations.

  • Rugged – Ideal for the varying climate extremes all around the world
  • Easy to assemble – Everything will fit together, first time, every time
  • Accurate & Reliable – Know you are recording the data accurately, and it will be there when you need it!
  • Support – We offer free support via Skype and Email to our overseas clients. We extend this to your service agents where possible. We are also able to travel to most parts of the world to carry out installation, servicing and training.
  • Agents – We are building our network of Agents and Resellers around the globe

Currently we export to countries throughout South East Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East.

Weather Stations for the United Arab Emirates

In the UAE, our weather stations are being sought due to our experience building weather stations compatible with the extremely Hot conditions experienced on the Arabian Peninsula.  With increasing concerns for human heat stress, Environdata has included the Thermal Work Limit (TWL) calculation in selected weather stations.  Dubai and Abu Dhabi have had particular issues with Fog and road safety, hence the addition of a visibility sensor to our weather stations can aid there.  Rainfall monitoring is also of interest in the UAE, as high level rain events are becoming more frequent, causing flooding.  Understanding the rainfall patterns and automating alerts based on rainfall is one solution.

Weather Stations for the Middle East

Throughout the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman & Iraq, there is increasing need for accurate weather stations.  Mining activity is increasing, and so too is the need to monitor TWL for worker safety and monitor the weather for environmental compliance and environmental impact. While in cities, building automation with accurate and reliable weather data from a weather station mounted on the roof and connected to the Building Management System helps increase energy efficiency, important in these hot environments.

Weather Stations for South East Asia

Environdata’s weather stations are designed to exist in tropical conditions, and have done so throughout Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, the Phillipines, Solomon Islands and more

Weather Stations for Africa

In Africa, our weather stations have helped University research projects into the sleeping patterns of Elephants, as well as being used at mining exploration and operations across the continent.  Our weather stations are currently in use in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, DR Congo, Eritrea, Burkina Faso and Egypt.

Weather Stations for South America

South American Weather Monitoring will benefit from our systems designed to survive in harsh conditions, from humid jungle conditions to freezing high wind mountain regions.  Mining activities are increasing, and the need for accurate and reliable weather recording is increasing as well.  We supplied a weather station to a mine in Suriname in 2008, and it has been in operation from exploration through to environmental monitoring in production stage.

Contacting us

Environdata is interested in dealing directly with end users from any country we don’t have an agent, who need professional weather stations or weather sensors. We are also interested in establishing links with genuine businesses in this field wanting to sell and support our weather monitoring solutions. Please contact us.